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Q. Why should I choose novaMED over providing general anaesthetic treatments in a hospital?

A. novaMED understands it has become increasingly difficult for dentists to book general anaesthetic theatre facilities at hospitals. And when operating from a general hospital they do not carry the equipment required to provide a complete service, at novaMED we can provide dentists with a full range of dental equipment if requested. The following issues have been identified in hospitals by the ADA:

  • In hospital settings, time limits are being imposed on dentists for financial reasons where longer procedures would be more beneficial to the patient – at novaMED there is no charge to the operating dentist, meaning you can take as long as required for treatment.
  • Longstanding lists are being removed from facilities for those paediatric and special needs dentists whose patients need access to general anaesthetic – at novaMED you can secure a permanent ongoing arrangement or call as you require our services. With the flexibility and ability to book cases in with as little as 1 weeks notice (provided paperwork is completed, patient is medically fit and general criteria is met).
  • There is very limited access to GA facilities in rural and regional locations – novaMED is conveniently located in the Eastern suburbs and can reduce dentist and patient travel time.
Q. What are the economics of doing general anaesthetic cases at novaMED?

A. novaMED facility is open extended hours so you can fit your GA procedure/s around your usual schedule at your practice. Economically, the dentists that use novaMED  have commented that the experience has allowed them to actually increase their business turnover while offering additional services to their clients.

Q. Why wouldn’t I just refer the case to a specialist?

A. There are a range of dental services that general dentists have historically referred outside their own practice. With the introduction of novaMED this is no longer the case. novaMED allows dentists to complete their own recommended treatment; this means a reduction in external referrals and subsequently increases patient retention. If you think novaMED is right for your patient, but would like another dental provider to complete the treatment, novaMED can arrange this on your behalf.

Q. What equipment does novaMED provide, what do I need to bring?

A. novaMED has all the equipment you would need for a broad range of dental procedures. We find dentists like to bring their own personal favourite instruments with them on the day. With this said if something is left behind or you would like to borrow specific instruments, as a dental facility, we have the majority of instruments you would require on-site. We do request you bring all of your own consumables as material preferences differ from dentist to dentist. Dentists are also required to bring their own nurse or one of our highly trained and qualified nurses can be pre-arranged at a small fee.

Q. What are the payment arrangements for novaMED?

A. To keep things simple for you, any charges for the novaMED general anasethetic facility, or for the anaesthetist, are paid directly by the client to novaMED. This means you only bill your client for the services you provide, as normal.

Q. What types of cases can be performed at novaMED?

A. novaMED allows you to perform an unrestricted range of dental procedures. Anytime your client would benefit from a general anaesthetic, you can take advantage of the novaMED facility. Cases completed under general anaesthetic in the novaMED facility include:

• Wisdom teeth extractions.

• All-on-Four implants.

• Children’s dental work, such as where children require multiple fillings.

• Single implants.

• Gum and bone grafts.

• Cleans.

• Crown and veneer preps.

• Patients with special needs.

Q. How do the costs compare between novaMED and general anaesthetic at a hospital?

A. At novaMED , we’re conscious of the high costs that dentists may face operating on patients under a general anaesthetic at a hospital. novaMED provides the ability to increase your long term profitability, with no direct charge to the treating dentist or business for operating on a patient at novaMED.

Q. What safety precautions are there?

A. At novaMED, we take every precaution to ensure a safe, happy experience for you and your client. This starts with thorough screening before patients are admitted and they enjoy the close attention of our anaesthetist for a smooth client experience. Our staff are highly trained and provide support to patients pre, during and post the procedure. A number of techniques are used to optimize patient comfort, safety and recovery. These include:

• Our qualified anaesthetists administer analgesic drugs to alleviate pain and discomfort during dental procedures.

• Under general anesthesia, the anesthesiologist remains with the patient throughout the procedure and carefully checks the patient’s heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood pressure and oxygen delivery (pulse oximetry).

• We additionally often use a brain wave BIS monitor to determine the actual level of sedation, alertness and conscious state throughout the procedure.

• We use Pneumatic Sequential Calf Compressors to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

• We administer anti-nausea medication to reduce the chance of nausea and vomiting afterwards, as well as drugs to reduce swelling.

Q. What do I need to provide to perform dentistry under general anaesthetic at novaMED facility? Do I need accreditation?

A. To perform dentistry under general anaesthetic at our novaMED facility, all you need to do is provide us:

• Your current AHPRA Registration.

• Proof of your current insurance of indemnity.

There is no accreditation required. Plus, at all times, you’ll have an anaesthetist by your side.

Q. How is my patient organised on the day of their procedure?

A. From the moment your patient arrives at novaMED on the day of their procedure, you can rest assured they are in good hands. We have a number of highly trained staff to look after your patient pre, during and post their procedure. Unlike going to a hospital where you and your patient might be waiting all day, your patient will undergo their procedure during their allotted appointment time which helps to alleviate unnecessary stress.

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